Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data


Del. ID
D1.1 Management report - Year 1 2015-02
D1.3 Report on MS activities and usage of assets - Year 1 2015-02
D1.4 Report on actions and activities on multi-stakeholder engagement – Year 1 2015-02
D2.1 Consolidation of EXPAND website as follow up from epSOS V1.1 2015-02
D2.2 Dissemination Activity Report Year 1 2015-02
D3.1 EXPAND Vision V1 2014-07
D3.2 1st Workshop Report 2014-07
D3.3 List of putative eHealth interoperability assets and priority in light of eHN 2014-11
D3.4 2nd EXPAND Workshop report 2015-02
D4.1 Classification of, and inclusion criteria for, European eHealth interoperability resources 2014-11
D4.2 Quality labelling criteria for European eHealth interoperability resources 2015-08
D5.1 Scope and transferability of key outcomes of epSOS 2015-05