Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

TRANSFoRm Deliverables, publications and dissemination activities


D1.1 RCT and Genotype-phenotype use cases
D1.2 Final validation of the feasibility of TRANSFoRm to deliver the genotypephenotype
D1.3 Final validation of the feasibility of TRANSFoRm to deliver the GORD RCT
D2.1 Most promising type of support for diagnosis
D3.1 Provenance Model
D3.2 Report on Regulatory Requirements, Confidentiality and Data Protection issues
Transform Regulatory Framework and Transform Confidentiality Framework
D3.3 Security Framework (private to consortium)
D3.4 First Draft Integration Plan
D4.1 Ontology of Diagnostic evidence and DSS service
D5.1 Data quality assessment software tool and evaluation
D5.2 Application of the provenance model
D5.3 Query Formulation Workbench
D5.4 Specification of functional eCRF and DSS
D5.5 Mobile eHealth application for the delivery of PROMs
User guide mobile app
User guide web
D6.1 Requirements analysis of current EHR systems and structure and API for Genotype repositories
D6.2 Clinical Research Information Model
D6.3 Clinical Data Integration Model
D7.1 Federated infrastructure for eCRFs
D7.2 Federated infrastructure for data linkage
D7.3 Delivery system for mobile and real-time eHealth
D8.1 Report on demonstration 1
D8.2 Report on demonstration 2
D9.1 TRANSFoRm Exploitation Strategy
D9.2 Report on dissemination activities
D9.3 Final Exploitation Plan
D10.5 Publishable summary


List of publications: PDF


List of dissemination activities: PDF

Published on: 01 August 2016