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Interoperability Asset Register

A register and discovery service for interoperability assets

The Interoperability Asset Register is an online register and discovery service for interoperability assets. Interoperability assets are documents, templates, term lists, clinical models, technical specifications, software, multi-media resources that support the design, implementation or adoption of interoperability of health data. Examples of such assets include:
  • Legal and regulatory interoperability assets, such as Directives and Regulations, legal frameworks, agreement templates…
  • Organisational interoperability assets, such as policies, adoption guidelines and care pathways, training resources…
  • Semantic interoperability assets, such as clinical models, terminology subsets…
  • Technical interoperability assets, such as information models, XML schema…

Each asset is documented using a standard set of descriptors, developed through an examination of many current methods and metadata specifications for assets, complemented by a wide consultation with many experts, initiatives, SDOs and profile development organisations. These asset descriptors aim to inform a potential downstream user of important aspects of the quality of each asset, as well as specifying its purpose and functional characteristics. These asset descriptors cover the following areas:

  • Purpose and usage
  • Development process
  • Maturity level
  • Trustworthiness
  • Techical support and skills needed
  • Sustainability
  • Semantic interoperability
  • Cost and efforts
  • Maintenance

All assets are described and quality labelled in a consistent way, and also have access information indicating how a potential user can obtain access to the asset. The register also enables each author to specify links to other related assets.

The interoperability assets in the Register are quality labelled through initial self-assessment, an independent (but high level) review and subsequently by validation from an online community of asset users.

The Register has been developed within the EXPAND project in collaboration with many representatives from European initiatives that have developed assets that are candidates for sustainability and for future reuse. The Register has been redeveloped by i~HD and is now being relaunched.

Anyone can browse the Register.