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The semantic interoperability drivers behind i-HD

About the SemanticHealthNet  project

SemanticHealthNet developed a scalable and sustainable pan-European organisational and governance process for the semantic interoperability of clinical and biomedical knowledge, to help ensure that EHR systems are optimised for patient care, public health and clinical research across healthcare systems and institutions.

Through a clinically-driven workplan, exemplified in cardiovascular medicine, SemanticHealthNet captured the needs for evidence-based, patient-centred integrated care and for public health, encapsulating existing European consensus in the management of chronic heart failure and cardiovascular prevention. Experts in EHR architectures, clinical data structures, terminologies and ontology will combine, tailor and pilot their best-of-breed resources in response to the needs articulated by clinicians and public health physicians.

Website: www.semantichealthnet.eu

Bart Vannieuwenhuyse
Senior Director Health Information Sciences Janssen
SHN Interview Clinical research and pharma and EMIF
Clinical research and pharma and EMIF
Tomaz Gornik, Luc Maes, Miroslav Koncar
Health ITC industry perspective
Bob Vander Stichele, Suzanna Hardman
Interview Clinical viewpoint          
Jeremy Thorp
Business Architecture Director, UK Health and Social Care Information Centre
SHN Interview Ministry viewpoint
Ministry viewpoint
Zoi Kolitsi, Marc Lange, Annike Sonne Hansen
Multi stakeholder perspective
Paul Rastall
SHN Interview Patient viewpoint
Patient viewpoint
Catherine Chronaki
SHN Interview Standards Development Organisations
Standards Development Organisations