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decision making


for the delivery of value-based healthcare


for scaling up participation in
clinical studies and for advancing research


for a seamless exchange of data with (network) partners


Good quality of health data is imperative for valid and reliable decision making. However, several studies have demonstrated that Real World Data today is of variable quality, and is often not fit for the intended reuse purpose.

Good data can provide the right insights!

Health data dashboards have become the ultimate decision-making tool for healthcare providers. Managers and clinicians looking for strategic, clinical and operational insights have understood the capacity of the massively growing health data stored in their patients’ Electronic Health Records (EHR) to deliver real value-based care.




Good and reusable EHR data are of critical importance
to achieve the ambitions of many European hospitals



In addition, there are many other health and research stakeholders who all rely on high quality health data.


Patients and clinicians want health data to be safe, rapid and evidence based

  Public health agencies need reliable data to guide healthcare and prevention programmes
  Healthcare funders need good quality data to reward high-quality and value-based care
  Industry wants to re-use EHR data to accelerate clinical research
  Regulators and health technology assessment agencies want to be able to trust Real World Evidence in decision making
  Everyone wants to achieve the best patient outcomes and they all know that good data is a critical success factor



Minor  errors, major implications

Even ‘simple’ variables such as patient weight are frequently not present, or are entered incorrectly within the EHR. However, incorrect or absent recordings of patient weights can lead to medication dosage errors. Consult the findings of some studies.


34% of weight errors led to medication-dosing errors (1)



i~HD supports you with two high value data quality services tailored to your needs


Become a Data Quality
Champion Organisation


Benchmark your dataset for a specific reuse purpose

We guide you to understand and improve your data quality 

For your organisation to become a data quality champion, it is essential to understand your data, and subsequently implement customised and future-proof processes integrated in your company’s daily routines. 


We verify that your data is fit for purpose

We can perform a formal benchmarking of your dataset against quality criteria that are pre-defined by an (external) stakeholder.

Learn more about
our Data Quality Champion Programme


Learn more about our Data Quality Benchmarking Programme 


We provide you with advice, education and instruments


A continuous cycle of data improvement


A data quality assessment report


Improvement strategies


A dashboard for (semi-)automatic data quality monitoring



Impact on your business outcomes

We ease you through the introduction of best practices that will impact on your business outcomes.

  • Gain better and quicker insights for purposeful decision making
  • Maximise health outcomes by optimising care pathways whilst making best use of resources
  • Open doors for partnerships and new income streams
  • Enhance hospitals’ culture and capability to undertake research, for reputation and business reasons
  • Respond to payer and public demands for more integrated and person centred care

Depending on your ambitions, after an improvement cycle(s), we will have co-created

  • smart data benchmarks and adequate reporting to make your hospital a high-performing organisation
  • codes of conduct and enterprise-wide understanding of the importance of data
  • optimised data entry screens
  • aligned data flows


We will reward successful organisations with

a Data Quality Champion Seal

After a data quality assessment and successful implementation of an improvement programme, we can issue your organisation a ‘Data Quality Champion Seal’.


a Benchmarking Seal

If the dataset under investigation complies with the predefined quality criteria, we can award the dataset with a ‘Fit for purpose Seal’.


Connect with prominent data quality expertise


In order to address the needs for better health data quality, i~HD created a data quality taskforce that consists of international domain experts from different backgrounds who bring over a decade of expertise in electronic health records, health data quality, assessment methodologies and certification programmes.

Their insights and contributions generated the fundamentals for the data quality programmes that i~HD has developed since. Driven by the common aspiration for better reusing good quality health data, these experts remain important partners in i~HD's community we engage with on a regular basis.

This means we indirectly connect their expertise to hospitals and other healthcare providers, to policy makers, research or consultancy companies, to support them with quality improvement.




Interested? Get in touch!

Are you interested to learn more about data quality? Would you like more information regarding an assessment of your institution's health data? Contact our Data Quality Programme Manager: Hannelore.Aerts@i-hd.eu


(1) Hirata, K. M., Kang, A. H., Ramirez, G. V., Kimata, C., & Yamamoto, L. G. (2019). Pediatric Weight Errors and Resultant Medication Dosing Errors in the Emergency Department. Pediatric Emergency Care, 35(9), 637–642. https://doi.org/10.1097/PEC.0000000000001277




Published on: 20 June 2020