Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

i~HD for Patients

Seamlessly connected and informed healthcare professionals




  • Safer, more effective, better coordinated care
  • Faster access to innovative medicines
  • Greater opportunities for engagement in selfcare
  • Optimised health outcomes and wellbeing
  • Greater opportunities to participate in research



  • Seamlessly connected and informed healthcare professionals
  • Personal health applications and mobile devices connect better with healthcare provider systems
  • Contributing to good practices for the sharing and uses of health data
  • Involvement in the development of future connectivity standards

The patients voice on the importance of innovation through health data

Karl Wouters
Interview Karl Wouters
Many patients are eager to share their health data to help speed up the development of new treatments - if this can be done in a trustworthy way.
Mary Baker
past President of the European Brain Council
Interview Mary Baker
A better understanding of disease and new treatments is of critical importance to society. Patients and healthy citizens alike should support better uses of their health data.
Robert Johnstone
A patient
Interview Robert Johnstone
I fully support better use of health data for research, to discover new treatments and other forms of health care, provided that assurances can be given that the data are well protected and governed.
Petra Wilson
Director, Digital Health and Care Institute
Interview Petra Wilson
Patients need to be better informed about their health data and in decisions being made about their health and care. Patients' lack of knowledge limits the value we can all obtain from health data.