i~HD colleagues take part in various engagements as part of our commitment to multi-stakeholder efforts in promoting, developing and sharing good practices, tools and quality assessments to maximise the value of health data.
DateEventi~HD SpeakerTopicLocationAttachment
7/05/2024"14th Annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials"Dipak KalraRevolutionizing Clinical Trials through RWD & AI: Unleashing InnovationBarcelona, SpainPDF
22/06/2023"DigiHealthDay Workshop"Dipak KalraThe case for a European Health Data SpaceVirtualPDF
2/06/2023"Global Health Special 6"Dipak KalraVideo cast on the European Health Data SpaceVirtualPDF and video (hosted externally)
23/05/2023"Medical Informatics Europe 2023"Dipak KalraKeynote: Caring through data: scaling up the opportunities to learn how we can improve health and careGothenburg, SwedenPDF
23/05/2023"Medical Informatics Europe 2023 - AI Workshop"Dipak KalraHow Can We Mobilise Computable Biomedical Knowledge for Learning Health Systems in Europe? Valuable and responsible AIGothenburg, SwedenPDF
20/04/2023"Adult Immunization Board Technical Meeting"Dipak KalraEuropean Health Data Space (EHDS): EU health data collection and data safety: impact on the estimation of burden of VPIsAntwerp, BelgiumPDF
23/03/2023"HealthTech Summit"Dipak KalraAccelerating the success of digital healthLeuven, BelgiumPDF
7/03/2023"European Alliance for Persinalised Medicine Expert Panel"Dipak KalraFraming the discussion with stakeholders for Access, competitive and innovation in the context of Access to healthcare as well as EU Industrial policyVirtualPDF
9/02/2022"Digital Innovation Insights - Digital Health Annual Conference"Dipak KalraThe health data ecosystem and its contribution to healthcare transformation, through the EHDS RegulationVirtualPDF
25/01/2023"Digital Health Nordic 2023"Dipak KalraOne-on-one discussion on the European Health Data SpaceVirtualVideo
20/06/2022"The Future of Health Data in the EU" i~HD and MetaMedica Webinar 1Christophe MaesFrom burden 2 benefitVirtualPDF
24/06/2022University of Toronto Masters in Health Informatics lectureNathan LeaData governance in Europe: putting laws into actionVirtualPDF
20/06/2022"The Future of Health Data in the EU" i~HD and MetaMedica Webinar 1Heidi MertesWhy should we care about the European health data space regulation?VirtualPDF
20/06/2022"The Future of Health Data in the EU" i~HD and MetaMedica Webinar 1Mahsa ShabaniTowards a more complex regulatory frameworkVirtualPDF
20/06/2022"The Future of Health Data in the EU" i~HD and MetaMedica Webinar 1Nathan LeaLet's regulate and innovate! Putting laws into actionVirtualPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopJens Declercki~HD Data Quality CurriculumBrussels, BelgiumPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopChristophe MaesData privacy in the age of digital health: From burden 2 benefitBrussels, BelgiumPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopDiogo Nogueira Leite (University of Porto)Economics of digital healthBrussels, BelgiumPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopRicardo João Cruz Correia (University of Porto)Data, interoperability and why they matter?Brussels, BelgiumPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopPascal Coorevits (UGent)How can we achieve high quality data related to medical technologies?Brussels, BelgiumPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopDipak KalraWhy do we need to invest in data quality?Brussels, BelgiumPDF
17/05/2022Breakfast Meeting: Health Data Quality WorkshopMichael Strübin (Digital Health MedTech Europe)Health data, the opportunities for the MedTech companiesBrussels, BelgiumPDF
22/04/2022Eighth European Conference on Health LawChristophe MaesEU's first information governance and data privacy for healthcare ICT systems certificationGhent, BelgiumPDF
22/04/2022Eighth European Conference on Health LawDipak KalraKeynote speech: Pressure points between two Teutonic plates: GDPR and big health data researchGhent, BelgiumPDF
21/04/2022SCOPE Europe 2022Dipak KalraKeynote presentation: Harnessing the Power of Real-World Data for Clinical Research: European InitiativesVirtualVideo
21/04/2022Eighth European Conference on Health LawJens DeclerckDo we need a legal framework to improve the quality of health data?Ghent, BelgiumPDF
21/04/2022Eighth European Conference on Health LawMaria ChristofidouSecondary use of health data in research: the complexities of EU governanceGhent, BelgiumPDF
03/04/2022International Patient ConferenceNathan LeaIntegrating patient reported outcomes (PRO's) into registriesVirtualPDF
14/12/2021WHO EURO Digital Health ConferenceDipak KalraPanel speaker: European response to noncommunicable diseases Virtual
14/12/2021EFGCP Annual Conference Dipak KalraVirtualPDF
8/12/2021Beyond the loneliness towards the wholeDipak KalraMaximising the value of health dataVirtualPDF
7/12/2021NODE.Health Digital Medicine ConferenceDipak KalraPanel speaker: The European mHealth Hub: ensuring researchers and providers have the quality of data they needVirtual
7/12/2021MedFIT DigitalDipak KalraPanel speaker: Breaking silos: How to incentive interoperability in MedTech and connected health?Virtual
30/11/2021EHTEL Thought Leadership SymposiumDipak KalraHow can health services enable person-centric health data sharingVirtualPDF
19/11/2021ESCAIDE 2021
Digital health opportunities for Public Health: how far from reality?
Dipak KalraTrustworthy digital health dataVirtualPDF
9/11/2021ConV2XDipak KalraThe European Health Data Space
and other health data spaces
8/11/2021ICHOM Global CongressDipak KalraPanel speaker: How benchmarking is fundamental to improving healthcare Virtual
4/11/2021Days of LawDipak KalraWhy do we need health informatics standards?VirtualPDF
2/11/2021ODI Summit breakfast panelDipak KalraVirtual
26/10/2021European Patients’ Forum Annual CongressDipak KalraPanel chair: Patients' health data sharing: perspectives, risks and key concepts Virtual
22/10/2021University of Hasselt: Inauguration of the Data Science InstituteDipak KalraAccelerating research through the greater use of big health dataVirtualPDF
14/10/2021MedCity: Advances in Clinical TrialsNadir Ammour, Mats Sundgren, Dipak KalraFrom Electronic Health Records to Electronic Data Capture systemsVirtual
20/10/2021HLTH 2021Dipak KalraCalls to action on health data ecosystemsVirtualPDF
7/10/2021Farma Forum - 10th Value of Innovation conference Dipak KalraHow health data is driving innovationVirtualPDF
28/9/2021European Health Forum GasteinDipak KalraPanel speaker: Hey Mary, by the way, thank you for your data Virtual
24/9/2021Middle East HealthTech Innovation Summit Dipak KalraPanel chair: How to Optimise the Adoption of TeleMedicine as a Mechanism to Improve Resilience? Virtual
17/9/2021European Society for Medical OncologyDipak KalraPanel speaker, run by the European Alliance for Personalised MedicineVirtual
1/9/2021Slovenian Ministry event on Data spaces and the digital transformation of healthcareDipak KalraPanel speaker: The secondary use of health dataVirtual
20/7/2021IADIS eHealth 2021Dipak KalraAccelerating Innovation through Health DataVirtualPDF
8/7/2021IEEE SA Panel at the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable DevelopmentDipak KalraPanel speakerVirtual
21/6/2021WFIPP World Continence WeekDipak KalraMaking sure that we learn from our health data, to optimise care and accelerate researchVirtualPDF
10/6/2021EFPIA & MedTech Europe event on Unlocking the power of health data: the promise of the European Health Data SpaceDipak KalraPanel speaker: The potential of health data Virtual
2/6/2021Qatar Virtual Executive BoardroomDipak KalraPanel speaker: Patient Experience & HealthTech Transformation VoicesVirtual
1/6/2021Lisbon eHealth SummitDipak KalraDigital Health - empowering patients, enriching researchVirtualPDF
27/5/2021Regional Conference on eHealth - Czech Republic, Romania & SlovakiaDipak KalraData Saves LivesVirtualPDF
27/5/2021All.Can Global SummitDipak KalraPanel speaker: Real-World DataVirtual
6/5/2021Future Digital Health SummitDipak KalraThe opportunities from mHealth dataVirtualPDF
28/4/2021IEEE Privacy, Ethics and Trust in Connected HealthcareDipak KalraPanel speakerVirtual
26/4/2021European Parkinson's Disease AssociationDipak KalraThe potential of health data for patientsVirtualPDF
26/4/2021CRAACO 2021Dipak KalraPanel speaker: Improving EHR Data to Meet Regulatory Standards in Clinical TrialsVirtual
23/4/2021FLAMES Annual Meeting 2021Dipak KalraData Sharing - Good practicesVirtualPDF
22/4/2021Cortina Digital ForumDipak KalraPanel speaker: Calls to action for health data ecosystemsVirtual
31/3/2021ISPOR Annual ConferenceDipak KalraPanel speaker: How novel collaborations and new players are shaping the HEOR landscapeVirtual
18/3/2021Humanity Rising - linking health and economyDipak KalraWe need to make more use of health data!VirtualPDF
3/2/2021Sitra - Quest for data-driven and fair health solutionsDipak KalraA recipe for trustworthy digital healthVirtualPDF