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How to assess and improve health data quality, so you can trust what you learnVideo
Data QualityHannelore Aerts2020Biodata Conference
Accountable, transparent, reliable and secure: an assessment for safe and trustworthy research platformsVideo
Information GovernanceChristophe Maes, Tom de Vree2020Biodata Conference
Data Protection, GDPR and Rare Diseases: Learning from the coal facePDFInformation GovernanceNathan Lea, Maria Christofidou2020Biodata Conference
Scaling up the big health data ecosystem: engaging all stakeholdersVideoHealth Data Ecosystem in generalDipak Kalra2020DigiHealthDay
Mobile health: will every patient become a doctor?VideoHealth Data Ecosystem in generalDipak Kalra2018Conference by the Académie royale de Médecine de Belgique
Ceci n’est pas un silo - Electronic health data reuseVideoInformation GovernanceNathan Lea2020SAPHIRe webinar "Making data usable: Regional considerations, best practices and examples"