i~HD Annual Report 2022
“Crossing Borders, Promoting Trust”

Reports presenting the findings
of multi-stakeholder round table
consultations developed and
convened by DHS and i~HD
White papers developed in
collaboration with Digital
Health Europe

Articles since 2020

Health Data Quality: A Dynamic Complexity. Jens Declerck, Dipak Kalra, Geert Thienpont (2023). Volume 23, Issue 1

Success Factors for Scaling Up the Adoption of Digital Therapeutics Toward the Realization of P5 Medicine. Prodan A, Deimel L, Ahlqvist J, Birov S, Thiel Rm Toivanen M, Kolitsi Z and Kalra D (2022), Front. Med. 9:854665. doi: 10.3389/fmed.2022.854665

Is the quality of hospital EHR data sufficient to evidence its ICHOM outcomes performance in heart failure? A pilot evaluationHannelore Aerts, Dipak Kalra, Carlos Saez, Juan Manuel Ramírez-Anguita, Miguel-Angel Mayer, Juan M. Garcia-Gomez, Marta Durá Hernández, Geert Thienpont, Pascal Coorevits (2021), MedRxiv

How to ensure we can track and trace global use of COVID-19 vaccines?  Robert H. Vander Stichele, Christian Hay, Malin Fladvad, Miriam C. J. M. Sturkenboom, Robert T. Chen (2021), Vaccine, Volume 39, Issue 2, 8 January 2021, Pages 176-179

Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccine Traceability.  Robert H. Vander Stichele, Christian Hay, Malin Fladvad, Robert T. Chen (2021). Volume 21, Issue 1

Scaling up the Big Health Data Ecosystem: Engaging all Stakeholders!  Dipak Kalra (2020). Journal of the International Society for Telemedicine and EHealth, 8, e16 (1-5).

Electronic Health Records for clinical researchDipak Kalra (2020). The Innovation Platform Issue 1