Constitution and Conduct

The Task Force (TF) is comprised of four core team members:

  • The LabelDigitalHealth co-ordinator
  • The Label2Enable project co-ordinator
  • The Certification Scheme manager
  • One Certification Network representative

The Demonstration phase Group in addition include additional members of the Coalition of the Willing – a voluntary group set up in Label2Enable to support sustainability after the end of the project:

  • A representative of the Catalonia national App assessment body
  • A representative of international Health Technology Assessment (HTAi)
  • A representative of European Junior Doctors (EJD)
  • A representative of European Patients’ Forum (EPF)
  • A representative of International Association of Mutual Benefit Societies (AIM)
  • An industry representative
  • A CEN TC/251 and/or ISO TC/215 representative

The TF has a term of 6 months and will collectively shadow the Governing bodies, without effecting any powers during this initial phase, but rather informing the provisional Governance and preparing the ground for its going live at the end of 2024.

All members of the TF will provide a declaration of interests.

The constitution, terms of reference and current membership of the TF will be published and maintained on the website of the LabelDigitalHealth organisation.

The TF will be chaired by the senior representative of the LabelDigitalHealth division.

TF meetings will be held at minimum every month, and may take place in person, virtually or hybrid. Ad hoc meetings may additionally be convened at any time, if there are urgent matters needing attention.