Created by Digital Health Europe, co-ordinated by empirica, in collaboration with i~HD

Everybody who seeks healthcare knows how important it is for information to be joined up between care providers. Unfortunately we often experience the issues that arise when that connectivity doesn’t happen. This lack of interoperability, or its benefits, and the role that Informatics standards play in enabling this, is something very few members of the public understand.

The DHE project has launched a new information portal that has been developed especially with patients and the public in mind to explain interoperability and standards. This portal may also be of interest to health professionals and health managers, as an introduction to interoperability standards.

The first version of this portal is now public. There are planned updates to this portal to add more case studies and examples of standards, and eventually to support a forum for questions and discussion.

As the promotion of interoperability standards is one of our core work streams, i~HD will sustain this portal as a long-term resource, after the DHE project has concluded.