i~HD is a founding Affiliate of the European Alliance for Value in Health. The Alliance is committed to promoting value based health care by facilitating health system transformation, disseminating knowledge and best practices, and engaging with policy makers and stakeholders.

One basic obstacle to progress is the inconsistent way in which fundamental concepts in value based care are understood by different stakeholders and organisations. The Alliance is pleased to announce the publication of a Taxonomy for Value Based Health Care. i~HD has contributed to its development, alongside other members and affiliates. Reflecting on its development, Dipak Kalra, President of i~HD, said “It has been exciting to be part of the debate on what we really mean by these different terms. For example “Value” can be interpreted differently depending on each stakeholder”.

The Taxonomy will now be promoted by the Alliance and its network, including i~HD. We see it as a helpful mechanism to engage with others when we discuss value based health care, which critically depends upon having high quality health data to quantify the value.