2021 has been a breath-taking year in which we have grown our team, welcomed new members, developed new services, started new projects, and run round tables and workshops. You can discover more details on these exciting developments in our annual report 2021.
i~HD will deliver a keynote presentation titled “Harnessing the Power of Real-World Data (RWD) for Clinical Research: European Initiatives”.
i~HD’s Dipak Kalra will deliver a keynote presentation titled “Harnessing the Power of Real-World Data (RWD) for Clinical Research: European Initiatives”.
A study based on anonymised health records from over 8 million people in the UK and Spain found no evidence of a link between COVID-19 vaccines and 3 neurological disorders. However, there was an increased risk of these disorders, seen in people who had a COVID-19 infection.
Six experts from different fields gathered for the European Health Summit Taskforce Public Debate to discuss AI in Healthcare.  i~HD President Prof. Dipak Kalra moderated this debate.
Four members of the i~HD team will be presenting during the 8th European Conference on Health Law.
i~HD president Prof. Dipak Kalra will be speaking in the “Digital innovations in healthcare: what’s happening?” symposium organised by ASTP.
The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is also participating in the 8th European Association of Health Law Conference.
The European Institute of Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is taking part in a virtual conference on digital medicine.
Today is a day that i~HD reflects on solemnly and with hope because Data Protection and Privacy are core to our founding principles and our work. We lead on several EU projects for data protection and ethics, we have developed codes of practice for the safe and effective use of data, we have co-run roundtables exploring the impact of novel innovation approaches including Artificial Intelligence, and we have developed educational, outreach and quality assessments for Information Governance, ethics and their role in data driven innovation.
i~HD welcomes its new members Microsoft, Novartis and Takeda.
What better way to rally public engagement than by demonstrating the tangible benefits of health data analysis through real-world examples? That is why we have started building up a library of case studies, collecting case studies that were set up by many organisations across Europe. Our library illustrates how different uses of data have contributed to gaining valuable insights in different disease areas, and how patient data was protected.
In any healthcare organization it is critical that the importance of data quality be properly explained. From management perspective to the healthcare providers, a sensible and understandable rationale must be given in order to obtain active participation in the data quality effort.
The European Institute of Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is announcing its participation in the eight European Conference on Health Law.
As the GDPR Webinars 2021 ends, i~HD would like to thank all attendees and experts for their participation and for making the webinars a success. During the final webinar, a panel composed of i~HD’s experts will present more detailed answers to the questions submitted by the attendees and act as moderators for discussions with the attendees. 
One of i~HD’s founding members, Mats Sundgren from AstraZeneca, is the lead author on her recently published paper in applied clinical trials, regarding the innovative approach of the EHR2EDC project, in which i~HD has been a partner. Nadir Ammour, also an i~HD founder from Sanofi, is also an author, along with our President Kalra, and collaborators from an innovative ICT company.
i~HD and its community is so proud to inform you that our President Prof. Dr. Dipak Kalra was awarded with a Honorary Doctorate for his immeasurable effort and power in order to align all health data stakeholders in the re-use of the health data.
By Nathan Lea, i~HD DPO & Information Governance Lead For over three years handling of EU Citizen’s personal data has been governed by the General Data Protection Regulation but my involvement […]
Following our two Round Tables last autumn, attendees were able to create 7 Calls to Action on Health Data Ecosystems.
The European Commission has, since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), made efforts towards the implementation of policies and regulations which are fit for the digital age while also ensuring trustworthy and safe use and reuse of data.
By Dipak Kalra, President i~HD There is a growing momentum right across Europe to scale up our learning from routinely collected health data (real-world data – RWD). The need for us […]
2020 was a special year with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting our lives in many ways. Digital health information proved to be a crucial asset for clinicians, for the research community, for health authorities, for app developers and health-data-driven industry in general, and for patients, to understand, contain and contain the spread of the virus. Explore i-HD’s 2020 Annual Report to discover information about new programs, our EU-projects, conferences, and much more.
i~HD is a partner in the new EU research project HIPPOCRATES which aims at promoting early identification and improving outcomes for patients with psoriatic arthritis. i~HD has responsibility for ensuring robust data protection, data management and FAIR data sharing.
2020 was a special year with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting our lives in many ways. Digital health information proved to be a crucial asset for clinicians, for the research community, for health authorities, for app developers and health-data-driven industry in general, and for patients, to understand, contain and contain the spread of the virus. Explore i-HD’s 2020 Annual Report to discover information about new programs, our EU-projects, conferences, and much more.
Everybody who seeks healthcare knows how important it is for information to be joined up between care providers. Digital Health Europe has developed a website especially with patients and the public in mind to explain interoperability and standards. i~HD has participated in the creation of this portal and will sustain it as a long-term resource.
On 10 June 2021 our member organisation MedTech Europe joined forces with EFPIA to hold a joint panel discussion on "Unlocking the power of health data: the promise of the European Health Data Space” (EHDS). The event included a keynote address by Ms Stella Kyriakides and a presentation on the EHDS by Ms Ioana-Maria Gligor, Head of Unit Digital Health. Our President Dipak Kalra was one of the invited panel speakers to discuss the opportunities from making better use of data offered by the EHDS, and the importance of societal trust.
To which organisations, to which kinds of health data and for what processing purposes does the GDPR apply, how does it constrain what do you are permitted to do and how can you ensure that you comply with it?
How Novel Collaborations and New Players are Reshaping the HEOR Landscape. Prof. Dipak Kalra will be speaking at a session that will bring together thought leaders from government, payers, technology, and academia.
On May 6, 2021, I~HD, In4care, the hospital network CUROZ and City of Aalst organised an online event focussed on the digitisation of health care in Belgium. i~HD has its own dedicated session: Are we aware how much we can learn from health data gained via mobile apps? Assuring trust in the re-use of mobile health-data now, to enhance tomorrow’s healthcare!
Interventions involving medicinal products are a central element of health care. UNICOM is a European health innovation project promoting the IDMP (Identification of Medicinal Products) standards. Dipak Kalra and Robert Vander Stichele contributed to the UNICOM webinar on 21 April: Towards Medicinal Products Data Global Interoperability: Why should we strive for it?
By Geert Thienpont, Managing Director i~HD is pleased to observe the growth of the potential that mobile health apps are offering. We can see that the necessary caution is being taking by the ICT industry and it is […]
Large healthcare organisations frequently need to archive historic electronic health record information on patients who are no longer being cared for. The European Commission’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eArchiving Building Block publishes standards and software tools to support E-Archiving, and is organising a series of free webinars on this topic.
Health data are often re-used to improve patient outcomes and to foster innovation. To allow valid and reliable decision making based on health data, it is of utmost importance to ensure the data are of high quality. In this blog article, we describe our take on what constitutes data quality, where to put the threshold for data to be considered of high quality, and how we have formalised this into an assessment framework.
The Digital Health Society & i~HD have bundled the outcomes of two recent multi-stakeholder consultations to examine the acceptance criteria for societal trust in the use of health data and a recipe for trustworthy digital health: standards, architecture and value. Find out our recommendations on seven key themes.
This next phase in our development capitalises on the expertise built in previous years. Check out what makes us special: the six areas of work we have initiated, our five muscles, our focus on connecting people from different communities besides developing practical approaches and tools. And discover our new logo!
Tell us how you feel about the possibility of having an app that could assist you and healthcare professionals abroad to safely manage your medication use. The survey (available till March 24) is organised by the European R&D project Unicom which strives to increase patient safety through accurate identification of medicine anywhere in the world.
Why do we need to step up our learning from health data? How can we do so? What are the challenges? Which initiatives are tackling some of the hurdles? In this short paper produced for DigiHealth 2020, Dipak Kalra demonstrates how health data can boost diagnostic & treatment innovations, care pathway transformation and novel digital solutions.
One year after the start of the Corona outbreak, COVID-19 vaccines are about to arrive. It is vital that each administered COVID-19 vaccine should be precisely identified everywhere and anywhere across the world so that we can accurately monitor the effectiveness and safety of each type of vaccine.
Dr Mats Sundgren, a founding member of i~HD, presented a new Pragmatic Clinical Trial (PCT) launched by AstraZeneca. In this PCT, they use real world registry data to establish the efficacy and safety of an existing drug for a new clinical indication.
i~HD leads a work package focused on the pilot studies, to derive the evidence on how delivering better quality medication and health information to patients can impact on their understanding of and adherence to their medication. We are also contributing to the business modelling and long term sustainability strategy.
Dipak Kalra gave the opening keynote presentation at a virtual half day event held on Monday 26th October, hosted by one of our founding member organisations, TMF
FAIRVASC, funded by the European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases, aims to bridge several important gaps in the present knowledge about vasculitis, a rare immune-mediated inflammatory disease involving blood vessels of many tissues and organs.
The DigitalHealthEurope (DHE) project is running a conference session on Evolving trust in data sharing within the MyData Online conference from 10th to 12th December.
Dipak Kalra will be giving the opening keynote presentation at DigiHealth Day on Friday 13th November.
Dipak Kalra will be chairing a panel debate on the success factors for the adoption of AI in healthcare, during the AIforHealth conference on Tuesday 10th November.
i~HD is a collaborating partner in this year’s Digital Health Society (virtual) summit, organised by the European Connected Health Alliance, on Tuesday 17th and 18th November.
The European Space Agency is holding a one day virtual workshop on How Space contributes to disruption and innovation in the Health ecosystem on Tuesday 3rd November 2020.
The panel session will be on Trust, citizen empowerment and the role of digital literacy on health data sharing. This will draw on the work undertaken in the DHE project on citizen perspectives on using and sharing health data.
If you share our vision that we need to enrich knowledge and enhance care through the trustworthy use of high quality health data, you may also be interested in reading Sitra’s latest publication "Towards trustworthy health data ecosystems".
i~HD is a partner in a new European H2O project ‘Health Outcomes Observatory’ to amplify the patient voice within healthcare and research. H2O is a new five-year project funded through […]