We are delighted our partnership with ECHAlliance continues in 2021. Following our two Round Tables last autumn, attendees were able to create 7 Calls to Action on Health Data Ecosystems (read about it here) and submit the document to the European Commission European Health Data Space (EHDS) consultation in February 2021.  

In early summer, ECHAlliance and I~HD held Round Table 3 entitled “Proposing a Common Basis for Health Data Access Across Europe” (Calls 4,5 and 6)”. Round Table 3 comprised different working groups, covering:

  1. Transparency and trustworthy decision-making processes
  2. Societal compact and returning value from data use
  3. Risk-based data protection

Update 11/10/21

This new report has now been published. It presents the findings of the multi- stakeholder round table consultation, in the form of consensus papers from the three Working Groups,  which examined the acceptance criteria for societal trust in the use of health data and a recipe for trustworthy digital health: standards, architecture and value.

As we move forward with advancing these Calls to Action, we will host the next Round Table in October and November 2021. Round Table 4 will focus on the “Scaling Up The Availability and Reusability of Big Health Data” Objectives of Round Table 4 include focusing on both actions needed at a European level, catalysed by the EHDS, and those required by other stakeholders across Europe to help maximise the availability of high-quality and interoperable health data on a large scale. Furthermore, these actions aim to contribute to making big data analyses possible across multiple heterogeneous sources irrespective of the European country in which the data reside. The final report will be published in January 2022.