We create flexible programmes to help implement good re-use of high-quality health data

Data Quality Programme

  • We assist you with customised health data quality advice

Information Governance Programme

  • IDHIS – Information Governance Certification Programme: We assess the privacy, security and data protection compliance of processes, tools and practices relating to health ICT systems
  • Customised GDPR Tutorial: We train your staff members with the EU General Data Protection Regulation through a tailored tutorial that meets your specific needs
  • We help develop your information governance approach by means of tailor-made advice, e.g. to define guidelines such as codes of practice, information security policies etc.

R&D Programme

i~HD plays a strong role in national and international R&D projects and European-wide collaborative initiatives.

We highly value participating in these projects and initiatives because it allows us to keep connected with the state of the art in innovative aspects of health care and clinical research.

The projects provide us with opportunities to put our services and expertise into practical scenarios, to learn, to improve and to expand our portfolio of health data solutions.

Organisations who successfully pass a conformity / improvement / benchmarking assessment, can be awarded with a quality label