The i~HD Quality Labels endorse you to showcase your quality and your trustworthiness

The re-use of health data has become crucial to enhance health and speed up research, creating a myriad of societal benefits. But along with this comes the challenge for organisations to prove the quality and trustworthiness of their health data handling, at the level of ICT systems, organisations, people and data itself.

Producing evidence to convince

i~HD quality labels for health data handling 

Within our programmes we have developed the following types of quality labels, which we are further expanding:

i~HD Certificates

i~HD certificates prove, guarantee and assure that the assessed health data product, process or service is conform with the pre-defined and accredited standard.

i~HD Seals

i~HD seals prove, guarantee and assure that the assessed health data product, process or service complies with the (self-)defined assessment objective and scope.

i~HD Qualifications

i~HD qualifications prove, guarantee and assure that a participant has successfully followed and/or passed an i~HD course or tutorial.

Benefits of obtaining an i~HD quality label

An i~HD quality label will allow your organisation to:

  • demonstrate the conformity of your products, services, organisational processes and practices with specified requirements outlined in standardised schemes based on validated criteria.
  • enhance your reputation with users, regulators, industry and all other interested stakeholders and boost your customer satisfaction
  • facilitate trade, market access, fair competition and consumer acceptance at a national and international level and in an expanding health systems landscape
  • improve the quality of the internal processes

Types of quality labels

i~HD currently hands out the following quality labels:

IG 1/2020 Certificate

Organisations that successfully pass the conformity assessment with the i~HD Information Governance Certification Programme standard IG 1/2020 will be awarded the IG 1/2020 Certificate.

This certificate assures that the processes, services, tools and practices of the health ICT system and its organisation meet the validated criteria relating to accountability, audit readiness, data processing, corrective action capability, documentary compliance, privacy, ethics, security, data protection & GDPR compliance.

Data Quality Champion Seal

data quality champion seal

The outcome of the improvement assessment is the i~HD Data Quality Champion Seal.

Through our Data Quality Champion Programme, we assist you in better understanding your data and subsequently implementing customised and future-proof processes integrated in your company’s daily routines.

Data Quality Benchmarking Seal

data quality benchmarking seal

The outcome of the Data Quality Benchmarking assessment is the Data Quality Benchmarking Seal.

Through our Data Quality Benchmark Programme, we can perform a formal benchmarking of your dataset against quality criteria that are defined by an (external) stakeholder initiative. We can also assess the fitness of your data for a given purpose.

GDPR Qualification

We will shortly provide more information on our GDPR training (spring 2021)

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