The EHR2EDC outcomes

  • A proven way for clinical trial investigators within a hospital to transfer EHR data into their clinical trial Electronic Data Capture system, avoiding significant duplicative effort, time and errors
  • Improved connections between EHR and Electronic Data Capture systems:
  •  published standard mappings
  • a governance and quality assessment that meets regulatory rules
  • a system architecture design
  • A programme that can support hospitals to enhance their EHR system use and data quality, so they can increase the value of their data for their own use, achieve quality improvement and facilitate research.

Benefits for stakeholders

Research: Pharma industry, academia

  • Speed up data collection and exchange > accelerate research
  • Reduce errors
  • Reduce source data verification efforts
  • Enable studies on data
  • Enable virtual patient registries


  • Allow hospitals to better use their own data > insights for decision support
  • Improve the quality of hospital and research data and systems


  • Faster medicines development and access to novel therapies

Public health agencies and health care systems

  • Facilitate the population of patient surveillance registries
  • Use of data to support policy making and public health care programmes