EU-funded R&D project

i~HD has been a partner in this Horizon 2020 Co-ordination and Support Action which ran from January 2017 to June 2019. Trillium II has co-ordinated and supported efforts towards an interoperable international patient summary. The consortium comprised EU and US partners.

i~HD led a work package to promote successful patient summary adoption, focusing on a strategy for identifying success factors including education for a range of stakeholders, those who will implement or use patient summaries, or those who will benefit from access to aggregated patient summary information. An additional goal was to promote the social value of international patient summary standards. This work package produced its deliverables at the end of 2018, on the potential contribution of the international patient summary in disaster response situations, to improve child immunisation rates, as well as for emergency care in emergency departments, on the critical success factors for adoption, and on the educational requirements for patients and healthcare professionals to make best use of patient summaries.

Consortium Partners

MedCom, HL7 International Foundation, CEN/Stichting Nederlands Normalisatie-Instituut, Integrating The Healthcare Enterprise, i~HD, Empirica, Gnomon Informatics, Reseau Phast Association, SRDC, Offis, Lombardia Informatica, Terveyden Ja Hyvinvoinnin Laitos, Agence e-Santé, Fundacio Ticsalut Social, SPMS, ECH Alliance, Advanced Digital Innovation, Reliant Medical Group, Lantana Consulting Group, Healthcare Services Platform Consortium, Prosocial Applications, Healtheway, inc. DBA The Sequoia Project, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals

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