Why do we need to scale up our collective capability to learn insights from health data? How can we do so? What are the challenges? Which initiatives are tackling some of the hurdles? 

In this short academic paper produced for DigiHealth 2020, Dipak Kalra demonstrates how health data can boost diagnostic and treatment innovations, care pathway transformation and novel digital solutions.

But there is a long way to go.

The  COVID-19  pandemic has shown how hard it is for us to collect new data sets to a high quality, to be able to share data across borders (and even within borders) and to be able to use it  for strategic insights to enable  more accurate and  better targeted public health and  health system responses.


To be better prepared to adequately react to any future unexpected scenario, we need to address challenges such as the need to connect data through common data spaces and federated architecture models, ramp up the widespread adoption of interoperability standards, enhance data quality and create societal trust.

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