WHEN: 22-24 May 2023 || WHERE: Vienna, Austria || i~HD's President Dipak Kalra will be speaking during the session on Real-World Data during The MedTech Forum 2024
WHEN: 23 April 2023 || WHERE: Corda Campus, Hasselt, Belgium || The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD), in collaboration with University of Hasselt, is organising a one-day symposium called "Big Data for Health & Care: The Arisal of Data Spaces".
"Digital Health and Data Week 2023" || WHEN: 28 November - 1 December 2023 || WHERE: Ghent, Belgium and online || The Digital Health and Data Week is a three-day event, the result of the collaboration between EHTEL, I~HD, and the UNICOM project consortium.
"HealthTech Academy - Information Governance (of secondary use) of Health Data" || WHEN: 5 and 21 June 2023 || WHERE: Online and Brussels, Belgium || An expert-led workshop on navigating GDPR Compliance for HealthTech companies when setting up the Information Governance
"Trustworthy (re)use of health data endorsed by EHDS" || WHEN: 24 May 2023 || WHERE: Brussels, Belgium || i~HD is holding a workshop on health data (re)use in the 16th CPDP Conference
"Putting Real World Evidence in Practice: A European Outlook on Real World Evidence in a Global Context" || WHEN: 16 March 2023 || WHERE: Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, The Netherlands || The GetReal Institute is pleased to announce its inaugural Annual Conference taking place on the 16th of March 2023 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
WHEN: 29 November-1 December 2023 || WHERE: Ghent, Belgium || i~HD's annual conference returns this year with the theme "Building Trust in Health Data"
WHEN: 26 January 2023 (Online) || As much as vaccines are emotionally and politically tied to the COVID-19 pandemic, and as much as we want to move past the pandemic era and towards a brighter future, it is critical that we bring our vaccination ecosystem forward with us, because effective routine vaccination programmes remain a cornerstone of a healthy Europe. This event will bring together a range of perspectives and provoke collaborative discussion about how we can collectively shape the future of vaccination in Europe.
The aim of this summit was to demonstrate the importance of the quality of healthcare data, how to measure data quality and how to improve it. Whether for primary use or secondary use, data quality is a universal requirement. It is the most important real-world data challenge. Data without quality can neither contribute value nor serve any useful purpose.
To which organisations, to which kinds of health data and for what processing purposes does the GDPR apply, how does it constrain what do you are permitted to do and how can you ensure that you comply with it?