The Future of Health Data in the EU:
Perspectives on the European Health Strategy to date

A webinar event organised by Metamedica and i~HD

In the past five years the European Union (EU) has set the stage for a dramatic transformation in the field of digital health. In 2018, after implementing some of the most stringent data protection standards in the world under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European Commission announced its ambitious European Data Strategy. The aim of this strategy, among many goals, was to promote the use and reuse of health data for research and innovation through a common European health data space. Through sector specific legislation and various initiatives, the Commission has aimed to make this space a reality and improve the effectiveness, quality, and cost of healthcare systems while maintaining a high level of protection for individual rights.

Now in 2022, we are beginning to see this strategy take shape through number of legislative proposals including the Data Governance Act, Data Act, and the European Health Data Space Regulation.

In this webinar we aim to share insights into the state of health data sharing in the EU and take an in depth look at the proposed legislative and policy changes that are set to rewrite the rules on health data sharing in the EU.

We brought together interdisciplinary panels of experts in law, ethics, healthcare, and bioinformatics to expound upon four topics central to the European Data Strategy for health data.


Webinar Event
A closer look: a review of the current EU health data landscape

In this special event webinar, we took stock of and comment on the newest updates in the legal and regulatory framework proposed at EU level, from ethical considerations and data sharing to interoperability and data quality. Participants joined our experts in a discussion on issues and questions that may stem from the present landscape when dealing with health data and data sharing across the EU as well as internationally.

Date: 20 June 2022
Time: 12:00-13:30
(1 hour 30 minutes)


Prof. Mahsa Shabani, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Ghent University

Prof. Heidi Mertes, PhD
Associate Professor,
Ghent University

Nathan Lea, PhD
DPO/Information Governance Lead, i~HD

Christophe Maes
Audit Manager/Business Developer, i~HD


Maria Christofidou

Maria Christofidou

Kyle McKibbin
Postdoctoral Fellow,
Ghent University