Through our community and programmes, i~HD helps all players in the health data ecosystem by flexing our five muscles

We catalyse change, improvement and trust through engaging stakeholders

We catalyse innovations in health care, greater patient engagement and more productive research through enabling all players in the health ecosystem to contribute and co-operate in learning from health data

We catalyse stakeholders

Health care providers to learn more from their health data

To invest in better quality and more interoperable data, captured through good-quality EHR systems

Patients and citizens to become empowered through their data

To use their health records to understand their health and care, to self-manage conditions through trustworthy apps, and to maintain their wellness

Care providers, patients and citizens to trust in sharing their data to improve health care

To adopt good practices in data documentation, data protection and data sharing

Academic and industry research organisations to scale up their use of big health data

To conduct research on new kinds of health data, new ways to safeguard and use the data to generate valid insights

Policy makers to utilise good quality big health data to evidence their decisions

To invest in health data systems and infra-structures, to quality assure the data and the systems they use, and to engage the public in priority setting such as improving health outcomes

Let’s create trust

We catalyse through

maximising the quality of health data
maximising the interoperability of health data
promoting trustworthy data handling, sharing and use
demonstrating trustworthy data handling, sharing and use
educating all ecosystem players about the value of health data and how to use it wisely
conducting research on new kinds of health data, new ways to safeguard and use the data and new ways to generate valid insights
working with partner organisations on the creation and adoption of healthcare and research innovations