Through our community and programmes, i~HD helps all players in the health data ecosystem by flexing our five muscles

We create practical tools and resources with lasting impact

As much as we love to co-create innovative ideas on health data re-use through our neutral forum, we are equally focused on developing practical approaches and tools, supporting you to tackle the tangible challenges you face in scaling up your use of data and maximising the benefits.

Our resources empower you to better understand, create, anticipate, analyse, re-use, demonstrate and implement health data solutions.

Some of the resources we produce

Data quality dimensions   DPIA – data protection impact assessments   Data quality improvement strategies   Best Information Governance Practices  Data analyses   Audit ethical operating rules  Data quality assessment reports  Sharing templates   Open courses  Security policies  Scientific reporting   Data protection and transparency policies  Audit criteria  Workshops   GDPR tutorial  Codes of conduct   Data Management Plans  GDPR policies  Blogs   Standard operation rules  (Accredited) Standards   Assessment methodologies   Benchmark reports   NDAs  Study preparation & design  Consent policies  Surveys   Internal audit rule books  Data flow process analyses  Privacy policies   Quality rules  Scenarios  Use cases   Newsletters  Public engagement supports  Webinars  Data flow process improvements   White papers  Business models  Personalised advice 

Discover our programmes

We have packaged our tools and resources into flexible programmes. Please feel free to reach out to us with questions.