To which organisations, to which kinds of health data and for what processing purposes does the GDPR apply, how does it constrain what do you are permitted to do and how can you ensure that you comply with it?

  • Date: 16/9/2021
  • Time: 14.00 CEST
  • Duration: 2 hours

Topics covered include: Why the GDPR was introduced (its purpose), to whom and what it applies to. The GDPR principles and how these impact on the main data flows when collecting and analysing health data through apps, wearables, clinical systems and research systems. Practical adoption and compliance steps (e.g. what is a DPIA, what legal bases are often used in different situations). Boundary conditions: data minimisation, use that is consistent with the legal basis, catering for withdrawal of consent. Good practices that should be adopted: transparency, information security measures, codes of conduct. An introduction to anonymisation and pseudonymisation. If COVID-19 has changed the expectation landscape. Q&A from the audience.

This is the first webinar in our 2021 webinar series on GDPR.