Propelling forward the health data movement 

Health data is driving innovation.

The growing awareness, acceptance and eagerness for stepping up the uses of health data does require industry players to provide evidence of the quality and trustworthiness of their health data handling.

Give yourself the tools to confirm your legitimate position in the health data ecosystem.

Be ready for new opportunities

  • Be prepared for challenging evolutions and requirements such as the rise of mHealth and A.I., the increasing need for connecting digital health systems, escalating demands by customers and regulators
  • Enhance your reputation in an expanding market by showing accountability for the outcomes of your activities
  • Optimise your efficiency by improving the quality of your internal processes

Create trust

  • Be confident and create confidence when exchanging health data with stakeholders and partners
  • Be reassured when receiving and relying on health data from a diversity of medical technology devices
  • Prepare your organisation for demands to demonstrate your privacy-compliant data handling

Promote the benefits from interoperable health solutions

Data-driven industry:
How robust is your health data approach?

Are you sure all measures are in place in order to …

Be confident you produce reliable data

A continuous cycle of data improvement

Health data is the very core of your business. It is essential that data quality checks and improvement cycles be integrated in your company’s daily routines.

We provide you with instruments, insights and strategies to know and enhance your data quality

Improve your access to reliable real-world data

Combine and collate health data

You want to select the appropriate real-world data fast and easy. However, real-world health data is often not fit for the intended re-use purposes.

Health data providers can therefore have their specific data sets benchmarked against your quality criteria so as to check whether they are fit for your objective.

We verify that health data is fit for purpose

Benchmark for clinical research

Comply with all data protection regulations

Create clarity and alignment

Health data is the most personal and sensitive information. Its use is tightly governed.

GDPR compliance is a challenge that has to interplay with other aspects of information governance such as ethics, security and contractual obligations. 

In addition, the assurance of the processes, tools and practices that are in force when using a health ICT system is essential.

And finally, you want to educate your staff to ensure they understand and adhere to your practices and policies.

We conduct conformity assessments against a unique set of European criteria

Check trustworthy health data

We organise GDPR tutorials

Make sure data from different sources can be connected

Facilitate seamless sharing

The transfer of health data from one ICT health system to another similar system is necessary to allow for better individual care provision and for big data analysis.

i~HD is active in promoting the development and use of interoperability standards through EC Support Actions and innovation projects, awareness campaigns, guides and educational materials for professionals and decision makers.

i~HD can help you be part of a connected health data ecosystem

Comply with the relevant functional criteria

Stay on top of the fast-changing requirements

The requirements of state-of-the-art health software are multiplying and becoming more and more complex. 

Users (both organisations and citizens), commissioners and health authorities want guarantees that health software operates in accordance with the relevant functional criteria.

i~HD has access to a repository of over 1700 indexed fine-grained validated criteria. Furthermore, as new criteria sets are being developed by stakeholders in the health ICT ecosystem, we step in to help define the criteria and to go through the validation phase that is required before integration in a standardised scheme.

Our programmes cover the functional testing of health software

Produce the necessary quality labels

Create certified trust

There is a growing demand from individuals and businesses alike to see evidence of the quality and trustworthiness of health data and health data handling.

As a neutral body, i~HD can help produce the necessary evidence by conducting assessments and issuing different types of quality labels that showcase an organisation’s accountability.

Be part of an innovative health data community

Connect and collaborate

Get in touch with other health data stakeholders, showcase the research value of data, boost collaboration, help shape governance of societally trusted reuse of health data in research.

Participating in our events and joining our independent European multi-stakeholder institute means being part of a health data community where you can showcase your expertise, propose initiatives and work out solutions.  

i~HD unites all health data stakeholders to catalyse and enable the reuse of health data