Enriching knowledge and enhancing care through health data

i~HD @ LIFE SCIENCE LIVE 2019 in Turku on 15 and 16 May 2019

Following on from its successful conference in Gothenburg last November year, i~HD continues its Scandinavia tour, to the city of Turku in Finland. i~HD is running a scientific track within the LIFE SCIENCE LIVE 2019 conference, 15 and 16 May 2019, on “Maximising the value of health data to all”.  

Life Science Live is a new international event for professionals in the fields of pharmaceuticals and healthcare.
The i~HD track consists of three half-day sessions:

  • The value of health data for Learning Health Systems
  • How hospitals can measure and improve EHR data quality
  • Complying with the GDPR when reusing EHR data in care and research

Each session will include presentations, panel discussions and plenty of time for audience questions.
i~HD’s President Dipak Kalra will also give one of the opening keynote talks at the conference.

Visit the Life Science Live website: www.lifesciencelive.com

Our mission

The mission of The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data (i~HD) is to enable, coordinate, and accelerate the efficient development and deployment of interoperable and seamless eHealth solutions and research strategies, towards achieving best practices and sustainable integrated person-centred health care, to optimise health and wellness in Europe, and beyond. It aims to guide and catalyse the best, most efficient and trustworthy uses of health data and interoperability, for optimising health and knowledge discovery.

i~HD has been established to tackle areas of challenge in the successful scaling up of innovations that critically rely on high quality and interoperable health data. It specifically addresses obstacles and opportunities to using health data by collating, developing and promoting best practices in information governance and in semantic interoperability. It is helping to sustain and propagate the results of health information and communication technology (ICT) research that enable better use of health data, assessing and optimising their novel value wherever possible.

i~HD has been formed after wide consultation and engagement of many stakeholders to develop methods, solutions and services that can help to maximise the value obtained by all stakeholders from health data. It supports innovations in health maintenance, health care delivery and in knowledge discovery, while ensuring compliance with all legal prerequisites, especially regarding the insurance of patient’s privacy protection. It unites multiple stakeholder groups to ensure that future solutions serve their collective needs and can be readily adopted affordably and at scale.

We are delighted to announce that our third annual conference took place in Gothenburg, Sweden on 19-20 November. The multi-stakeholder nature of the participants led to interesting perspectives and discussion on how we are realising the value of health data. This included the value of data in research, with emphasis on pragmatic clinical trials and large scale observational data. We explored how real world data should be better used in decision making. We heard about the emerging importance of patient generated data and the role of Learning Health Systems. This conference provided a foundation for i~HD’s contributing roles. We announced the launch of the Data Quality Service for Hospitals and the GDPR Observatory. A big thank you to all those involved in making this event such a success. Click here to read the full report.