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Data Quality

Ensuring high-quality data seems evident and straightforward, but unfortunately, this is not the case in practice. Routinely collected health data today is of variable quality, and is often not fit for reuse purposes. Which affects clinical research, decision making and patient outcomes. How can you scale up your data quality?

(Information Governance)

Re-using health data is crucial for advancing research and health care. But health data is highly personal and sensitive information, and its protection is strongly regulated. All stakeholders need to trust the ways in which health data is used and reused. How can you ensure data protection whilst re-using health data?

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Get access to a bundle of learning materials and lessons delivered by thought leaders in collaboration with key decision-makers, influencers and industry experts. This tutorial covers multiple learning objectives and offers guidelines applicable in daily practice.

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Is there a specific focus on key topics that are most relevant for your organisation? We can help you find training programmes customised to your company and respond to the needs of your organisation and increase the relevance of the training programme for your employees.

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i~HD’s team of experts are more than willing to share their knowledge with as many people as possible. Is your organisation organising a conference, workshop or training and in need of global experts? Let us know so we can find out if a collaboration could be worked out.

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Learning becomes even easier through our eLearning Hub. Access our educational materials from academic and industry partners wherever you feel most comfortable. With our eLearning Hub, better skills and more knowledge is right at your fingertips.