Mats Sundgren

Senior Industry Scientific Director

Mats Sundgren, PhD, MSc, is a renowned expert in Health Data Strategy for Industry and Academia. Following a 12-year tenure as global integration lead for Electronic Health Records (EHR) services at AstraZeneca, Mats’ new portfolio encompasses the roles of Senior Industry Scientific Director for the i~HD (European Institute for Innovation through Health Data); Executive Strategic Advisor for IgniteData, developer of a system-agnostic EHR-to-EDC solution for clinical trials; and board member of the new Centre of Health Governance, University of Gothenburg.

With over 37 years in the pharma industry (Discovery, Development, Manufacturing, IT R&D, Patents, Clinical Science and Data Science & AI), Mats is at the forefront of industry technology innovation. Career highlights at AstraZeneca include co-ordination of the European Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) EHR4CR project, pioneering trustworthy scalable Federated EHR research platform services (paving the way for commercial platforms such as InSite, TriNetX, Flatiron, Clinarion, and DEEP6). He also spearheaded AstraZeneca’s health data eSource capability build program for clinical trials, and co-led the EIT Health sponsored EHR2EDC project with European hospitals along with Sanofi, Janssen and ICON.

Mats has authored over 70 publications, books and patents in Science and Economics (Health Data Science, Clinical Science, Medical Informatics, Business Modelling, Innovation & Creativity Management, and Device development).