Are you doing enough to protect health data?

Re-using health data is crucial for advancing research and health care. But health data is highly personal and sensitive information, and its protection is strongly regulated.


of EU citizens want to share health data on the precondition that data is secure and only accessible by authorised parties


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How can we balance
the need to
 reuse health data 
protecting people’s privacy?

How can you ensure
robust data protection
whilst re-using health data?

Health data protection: privacy, security, ethics

Health data use is tightly governed. However, the regulatory requirements need careful understanding and are subject to change.

Information governance

Organisations around the world who provide services to EU citizens have to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR has to work alongside with other aspects of information governance such as ethics, security and contractual obligations.

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Reliance on health ICT systems

Organisations need to provide assurance of the processes, tools and practices that are in force when using the health ICT system. Privacy, ethical, security and data protection compliance is essential.

Reliance on educated staff

Having robust policies, codes and practices is important, and ensuring all your staff understand appropriate data protection is equally important.

Convince your stakeholders of your trustworthy use of health data

Our information governance programmes

We have developed two sets of practical solutions to address the compliance and assurance needs of organisations handling health data. Our programmes focus on education, support and advisory services.

GDPR Tutorial

We educate and align your staff through a customised GDPR course that connects to your specific needs

Information Governance Certification Programme

We assess the conformity of your processes, tools and practices against a unique set of international ISO-accredited(*) criteria

Why i~HD?

The i~HD team has acquired its knowledge on information governance during 30 years of experience in R&D projects. In addition, our team members liaise with a task force composed of leaders across Europe in law, information governance and security, engineering and regulatory oversight.

Codes of practice
Standard operating procedures
DPIA templates

142 assessment criteria included in our Information Governance Certification Programme

Educational materials for cutting-edge questions in data protection and information governance

currently involved in 11 EU projects

15 high-calibre international experts in our dedicated task force

We connect their expertise to data users such as pharmaceutical companies, medtech, hospitals, research projects and initiatives who analyse health data in order to improve their health care services and speed up innovative research.

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Contact our DPO and Information Governance Lead  Nathan Lea for a free intake meeting.

(*) i~HD is in the final stage of preparation to apply for an ISO accreditation.