Through our community and programmes, i~HD helps all players in the health data ecosystem by flexing our five muscles

Proving trustworthy data handling

Raising trust between all stakeholders is one of i~HD’s key objectives 

Digital health information is booming and creating exciting opportunities! Patients can now benefit from life-changing innovations that were only made possible because many millions of people decided to share their health data.
However, health is a very sensitive topic. There is a growing demand by individuals and businesses alike to see evidence of the quality and trustworthiness of health data that is being used for different purposes

We conduct assessments that help organisations to better understand and improve their data handling, through trustworthy systems.

As a neutral body, i~HD can give recognition to successful organisations with seals and certificates that showcase their quality and their accountable governance.

Objective quality labels to boost credibility

i~HD is a neutral certification body

Organisations handling health data who want to demonstrate their real credibility to customers, authorities, staff and patients, can rely on i~HD for expert assessments. We have developed assessment methods, tools and criteria sets to audit both the quality and trustworthiness of health data and health ICT systems.

Our strengths
  • i~HD is a neutral, not-for-profit institute with a focal point on the trustworthy use of health data.
  • We have substantial expertise in
  • developing quality seals, backed by a robust assessment methodology and criteria
  • understanding best information governance practice and GDPR compliance through our participation in many R&D programmes, public and commercial partnerships
  • data quality through our dedicated taskforce that consists of international domain experts from different backgrounds who bring over a decade of expertise, combined with our engagement with health care organisations and the research users of data
  • the assessment of EHR systems and health data reuse in health ICT platforms

  • We have developed unique, comprehensive sets of criteria, which can establish the highest standards regarding health data handling.
  • Our experienced team of auditors possess an array of complementary skills and clinical, technical, academic and legal expertise.

Create verified trust within your organisation and with your partners.

The benefits of our assessments

Having health data quality, processes, practices, ICT systems and/or tools assessed by a neutral body will achieve huge internal and external impact.

Internal impact
  • Build confidence in your data outcomes and flows for health innovation
  • Anticipate and satisfy the expectations and needs of your partners
  • Focus your priorities: know where and how to roll out improvement strategies
  • Boost your quality management and culture

external impact
  • Create reassurance with customers, commissioners, health authorities and all other stakeholders that you are handling health data in accordance to a set of quality standards
  • Show that you are working on health data improvement strategies
  • Boost your reputation and market impact