Joint Global Hybrid Summit 2023

Building Trust in Health Data

Solving the complex puzzle of health data use and reuse


  • 29 November – 1 December 2023
  • Ghent, Belgium

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Conference topics

Trusted health data spaces

Data spaces are becoming increasingly important as more stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem are relying on data sharing. To establish these trusted data spaces, there are several important requirements to achieve:

-Data governance framework
-High-quality software systems
-High-quality data

By addressing these requirements, data spaces can facilitate trust towards data sharing. Which will enable healthcare organizations to improve patient outcomes and foster medical research.

Medicine safety for patients

Ensuring the safety of medicines is critical to patient health and well-being. Unsafe medicines can have serious consequences, including adverse effects, hospitalizations, and even death. It will be important to implent measures to ensure the safety of medicines, especially if we want to perform clinical trials using real-world data. This will help prevent potential negative outcomes and ensure that patients receive the care and treatment they need to maintain their health and well-being.

High-value data for care + research

High-value data can include various types of clinical and administrative data, including electronic health records, medical claims data, and data from medical devices and wearables.

There are several ways in which high-value data can be used to improve patient care and advance medical research:

-Personalized medicine
-Clinical decision support
-AI applications
-Medical research
-Predictive analytics

Patients in the health driving seat

This concept refers to a shift in healthcare towards patient-centered care, where patients are actively engaged and empowered to make informed decisions about their own health and healthcare. This involves recognizing patients as partners in their own care, rather than passive recipients of healthcare services.

Health data has proven to be a crucial enabler in the development of innovative health, care and research solutions.

This process was facilitated by new digital ways for collecting, storing, exchanging, and analysing health data, meaning it can be reused not just for a second time but even more, not only by the person who collected the information but also by other clinicians, researchers and health authorities. The benefits of secondary use of health data have been widely discussed and acknowledged/recognised and yet, the main challenge remains on how we can create trust in the health ecosystem for the reuse of this health data.

Coming fresh from the success of our last conference in 2022 Health Data Quality, a Dynamic Complexity”, i~HD is announcing its Annual Conference 2023. The emphasis of the conference in 2022 was to demonstrate the importance of Data Quality, an important condition for the trustworthy use and re-use of health data. Aside from taking off from the key points discussed during that conference, the 2023 conference will provide participants with a broader scope for enabling trust in the secondary use of health data. It is great to have and use and reuse health data, but what do we need so that all stakeholders can also trust the reuse of health data? i~HD will present its holistic view showing all important health data challenges to be solved in order to trustworthy use and reuse of high-quality data to continuously improve care and accelerate research.

Making a comeback in i~HD conference is “Joining the Dots” where European funded projects tackling health data challenges will be brought together. Use cases, insights, successes and challenges will once again be front-and-centre as experts lead the sessions.

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