The i~HD team consists of highly-qualified, experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

In addition, we closely connect to a large European network of experts and auditors, which turns us into a focussed, multi-expertise organisation, capable of assisting you with broad and in-depth health data knowledge.

The variety of profiles allows us to successfully support your small or large-scale health data projects.

We bring state-of-the-art expertise and experience in:

information governance including GDPR

data quality

quality and trustworthiness of ICT health innovations and systems

leading or being a partner in European R&D projects

international standards

business modelling and the sustainability of digital health innovations

multi-professional education, running courses and delivering stakeholder-specific training

Dipak Kalra


Geert Thienpont

Managing Director

Mats Sundgren

Senior Industry Scientific Director

Michel Antonise

IT Consultant

Pascal Coorevits

Adviser Data & Systems Quality

Jens Declerck

Data Quality Manager

Tom De Vree

Systems Quality Programme Manager

Veerle De Wispelaere

Communications Manager

Nathan Gatpandan

eLearning Implementor and Communications Associate

Julie James

Senior Researcher

Muna Khogali

Innovation and Data Governance Expert

Zoi Kolitsi

Digital Health Policy and Strategy Lead

Nathan Lea

DPO & Information Governance Lead

Christophe Maes

Business Developer

Charles McCay


Gwen Poppe

Office Manager

Rahil Qamar Siddiqui

Senior Researcher

Peter Singleton

Information Governance Expert

Miriam Sturkenboom

Senior Researcher

Pieter Van Galen

Patient Representative

Robert Vander Stichele

Senior Research Coordinator

Francesco Vigna


Tanja Vincken

Educational Programme Manager

Petra Wilson

Information Governance Expert

Network of European experts

i~HD has built a strong network of European domain experts from different backgrounds. They bring over a decade of expertise in electronic health records, health data quality, information governance, assessment methodologies and certification programmes.

Their insights contribute to the development of our programmes, so that we can indirectly connect their expertise to all stakeholders in the health data ecosystem.

Educational team

Our educational team consists of high-level professionals with either educational backgrounds, such as university professors, or seasoned industry experts, or a combination of both. They share their insights, from the basic concepts to the latest health data evolutions, and offer hands-on advice and coaching that will be of immediate practical use in your particular business situation. Find out more on the various teaching concepts we offer through the i~HD Academy.

Audit team

i~HD can rely on a strong team of experienced European auditors with clinical, technical, academic and legal expertise.