i~HD team members share their views

By Nathan Lea, i~HD DPO & Information Governance Lead For over three years handling of EU Citizen’s personal data has been governed by the General Data Protection Regulation but my involvement with anticipating its impacts predated this. There were points in 2017 where I sensed something special was […]
The European Commission has, since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), made efforts towards the implementation of policies and regulations which are fit for the digital age while also ensuring trustworthy and safe use and reuse of data.
By Dipak Kalra, President i~HD There is a growing momentum right across Europe to scale up our learning from routinely collected health data (real-world data – RWD). The need for us to learn more from data is widely recognised by all stakeholders. We need to track health outcomes […]
By Geert Thienpont, Managing Director i~HD is pleased to observe the growth of the potential that mobile health apps are offering. We can see that the necessary caution is being taking by the ICT industry and it is great that governments and NGOs are taking measures to safeguard the quality of mobile health apps and the safety of the citizen.   […]